The SIOP® Model for Administrators, 2nd edition is a user-friendly guide for administrators that provides the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to understand and oversee the implementation of the SIOP® Model for teaching English learners.

A must-read for all administrators whose schools enroll English learners, this book provides the tools needed for supervising the education of this growing population of learners. It introduces a comprehensive, coherent, research-validated model—the SIOP® Model—for teaching English learners and helping them meet rigorous academic standards. It also includes concrete techniques and advice from other administrators to help principals, coordinators, and others implement the model, and provides guidance for getting started and sustaining the intervention. While summarizing 20 years of research that has proven the SIOP® Model’s effectiveness for all grades and subject areas, the book explains the second language acquisition process so administrators can understand how students best learn new languages.

The SIOP® Model gives educators a user-friendly approach for planning and delivering lessons that

1) provide English learners and other students access to state standards and grade-level content

2) develop students’ academic English skills, and

3) prepare students to be college and career ready.

Using this book, administrators see how they can best support their teachers in the classrooms and assess their implementation of the model. Included in each chapter are videos of the SIOP® authors and key discussion points; Key Points summaries; and Reflect and Apply discussion questions. The final chapter highlights common questions from administrators about the SIOP® Model and provides answers grounded in real-life experiences in schools and districts.

The Enhanced Pearson® eText provides a rich, interactive learning environment designed to improve student mastery of content with embedded videos.

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