This SIOP® Model text articulates considerations and methods for implementing the SIOP® Model with pre-K and kindergarten English learners in order to help them fully engage in all aspects of early schooling.

Learn the eight components of the SIOP® Model, understand the young English learner and early language development, and explore how other programs have used the SIOP® Model to create an optimal learning environment for their young students. Highlights from this text:

a) Focuses on preschool-aged children and kindergarteners—and shows how to create an effective and developmentally appropriate instructional setting for these young emergent multilingual learners.

b) Provides an overview of the SIOP® Model—and explains its research support and application to early childhood programs.

c) Describes the young English learner, current demographic trends and the fundamentals of language development early in the book—to provide a context for later material (Chapters 2 and 3).

d) Devotes four chapters to the eight components of the SIOP® Model—so educators learn how to use lesson preparation, building background, comprehensible input and strategies, interaction and lesson delivery, practice & application and review & assessment with their young English learners (Chapters 4-7).

e) Provides a sample lesson plan and highlights three sample programs—so educators can see how to implement the framework in different settings and circumstances.

f) Includes a comprehensive version of the SIOP® protocol and an abbreviated version—so educators learn how to use the tool to observe lessons, provide feedback, and support other teachers (Chapter 9 and Appendix A).

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