SuccessMaker: Math and Literacy Instructional Insights

Personalized Learning and Instant Instructional Insights for Grades K-8

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Save Hours of Instructional Time

SuccessMaker®, a continuously adaptive K-8 reading and math personalized learning program from Savvas Learning Company, never stops instruction to administer a test. The program gives you an up-to-the-minute view of student mastery and growth at all times through criterion-referenced data.

Never again wait for a benchmark assessment period to get a real-time view of student performance. And remove the guesswork from instruction and planning by knowing exactly where each student is at any point throughout the school year.

SuccessMaker Student Performance Dashboard digital screenshot.

NEW! SuccessMaker Student Performance Dashboard

SuccessMaker Teacher Experience dashboard digital screenshot.

NEW! SuccessMaker Teacher Experience


Up-to-the-Minute Standards & Skills Mastery

Get a real-time view of student performance at any time. Up-to-the-minute student data from brand-new teacher dashboards offer unparalleled insights into student performance.

See skills and standards mastery in one convenient place. If you use a popular Savvas core program like enVision Mathematics® or myView Literacy™, this same view shows how students are progressing on grade-level content taught in enVision or myView within SuccessMaker.


SuccessMaker Mastery Toggle View and SuccessMaker Mastery Dashboard digital screenshots.


Focus Your Teaching

SuccessMaker automatically suggests small groups for additional instruction based on student performance in the online program. It includes offline, targeted printable resources for 1:1 or small group instruction that teachers can deliver when students need additional support.

SuccessMaker Student Mastery Dashboard digital screenshot.

NEW! Student Mastery Dashboard

SuccessMaker Usage Goals Dashboard digital screenshot.

NEW! Usage Goals Dashboard

Powerful, Predictive Data

Remove the guesswork from helping students reach grade level success!

Prescriptive scheduling helps educators support students in achieving their growth goals. You can automatically set an individualized target learning goal for every student.

SuccessMaker will predict performance based on a student’s learning rate. You can see exactly how many more minutes in the program each student needs per week to achieve a specific, targeted year-end learning goal.


Complement Core Instruction

With an easy-to-use custom assignment option, SuccessMaker makes it simple to provide just-right additional targeted instruction. The possibilities are endless!

  • Provide additional instruction on prerequisite skills right before a core math or literacy unit.
  • Give students additional practice on skills just learned at the end of a core instructional unit.
  • Create assignments to help students prepare for summative assessments.
  • Prepare students for grade-level instruction by assigning pre-built courses that target priority standards.
SuccessMaker Custom Courses example screenshot.

Example SuccessMaker Custom Courses