Research and Validity

MyMathLab® for School: Efficacy Reports


Preparing Your Students for the Challenges Ahead

This efficacy white paper, completed in September 2011, shows the positive effects of MyMathLab, powered by the MathXL® engine, on high school Algebra 1 students. Based on a need to improve student scores, increase technology, and reduce costs, these high schools began using MyMathLab through the College Readiness Program at Louisiana State University in 2006. In the 2010-2011 school year while using MyMathLab, pass rates increased an average of 66% f Algebra 1 students at these high schools. In this report, you will read detailed implementations and experiences of each high school, such as best practices, student and teacher testimonials, and related student data. Also included are success stories of MyMathLab and MathXL for School use in high schools across the country




Making the Grade

A recently-updated report, Making the Grade: 77 data-driven case studies illustrating how the MyMathLab family of products supports student achievement (Version 5, February 2012), illustrates the consistently positive impact that MyMathLab has on the quality of learning and cost reduction in higher education math instruction. It examines how MyMathLab can be successfully implemented in any environment--lab-based, hybrid, distance learning, traditional--and demonstrates the quantifiable difference that integrated usage of these products has on student retention, subsequent success, and overall achievement.