myPerspectives ELA Curriculum: 
Educational Partnerships

These Partnerships Help Educators Share, Collaborate, Learn, and Succeed

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myPerspectives ELA Curriculum educational partnerships help educators share, collaborate, learn, and succeed.

Share. Collaborate. Learn. Succeed.

Real World Instructors Making a Difference Together.

myPerspectives is partnering with Teaching Channel to provide teachers with resources and tools that help make teaching more collaborative, exciting, and a shared learning experience.

With myPerspectives Teaching Channel, get on-demand Professional Development on topics, best practices, and more!

  • Includes modeling videos of actual lessons from the program
  • Provides a teaching community with Teaching Channel Teams where teachers can share and collaborate on instruction and planning
  • Allows teachers to connect and learn from each other

Learn more about Teaching Channel.

myPerspectives partners with Listenwise to deliver daily current events and lessons that engage the digital classroom.

Listening that Sparks Learning

myPerspectives is partnering with Listenwise to deliver daily current events and lessons that bring relevance and engagement to the digital classroom.

Listenwise brings the power of public radio to ELA classrooms with:

  • Compelling nonfiction stories that connect teaching and learning to what is happening in the real world
  • Daily current events and lesson resources for ELA, Social Studies, and Science
  • Multimodal learning where students practice and develop critical listening skills

Aligned to Topics in Every Unit
Extend learning in every myPerspectives unit with Listenwise stories that connect to the topic.

Improve Listening and Literacy Across the Curriculum
Access robust Listen Current lesson resources that integrate listening skills practice with content aligned across the curriculum.

Access to Daily Public Radio Stories
Bring relevance and excitement to the classroom every day with the latest news, authentic voices, and engaging real world stories.

Learn more about Listenwise.