AP® Honors & Electives Math Programs for Texas Educators

A New Level of College and Career Readiness

Find the math program that’s perfect for you and your students. These AP®, Honors, and Electives courses offer you flexible options in accordance with Texas House Bill 5. Each program supports students and faculty in meeting new standards for college and career readiness. Thoughtful use of print and digital options helps you create a motivating and rigorous learning experience. Choose a course and get acquainted.



MathXL® for School

Personalize student learning with a powerful online homework, tutorial, and assessment program! Create, edit, and assign homework and tests to support your Savvas Texas programs.

  • Grades homework automatically
  • Personalizes homework and study plans
  • Provides immediate feedback to students

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MyMathLab® for School

Used in over 200 Texas colleges and universities, MyMathLab® for School is a fully digital course solution for AP, Honors, and Electives courses. It aligns with your Savvas Texas programs.

  • Provides a full, interactive eText
  • Supports learners with multimedia
  • Auto-grades homework, quizzes, and tests

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AP® Calculus


AP® Statistics


Algebra & Trigonometry




3rd and 4th Year Math


Elementary Statistics