Starting Out with Visual Basic, 8e

Visual Basic fundamentals 

Rich in concise, practical examples, Starting Out With Visual Basic covers the tools and features of Visual Basic, and when and how to use them. The authors introduce the fundamentals of Visual Basic in clear, easy-to-understand language, making it accessible to novice programming students. Students not only learn how to use the various controls, constructs, and features of Visual Basic, but also why and when to use them. 

The Eighth Edition includes updates for compatibility with Visual Studio 2017. Also available with MyLab Programming. Check out thepreface for a complete list of features and what's new in this edition.

Key Features 

  • Hundreds of Example Programs are used, each designed to highlight specific programming topics. In most cases, these are practical, real-world examples.  Source code for these programs is provided so that students can run the programs themselves.

  • Concept Statements, Checkpoints, Notes, Tips and Warnings all call out important pieces of information for the student.

  • New - Programming problems have been added throughout the text to test students’ knowledge.

  • Case studies appear in many chapters.  Additional case studies are provided on the book’s companion site (  

  • A thorough and diverse set of Review Questions, such as fill-in-the-blank and short answer, check students’ mastery of the basic material presented in each chapter. These are followed by exercises requiring problem solving and analysis, such as the Algorithm Workbench, Predict the Output, and Find the Errors sections.

  • Programming Challenges presented in each chapter are designed to solidify students’ knowledge of the topics, typically through real-world problems to be solved. 

Reach every student with MyLab 

  • Deliver trusted content: You deserve teaching materials that meet your own high standards for your course. That’s why we partner with highly respected authors to develop interactive content and course-specific resources that you can trust–and that keep your students engaged.

    • Hundreds of short, auto-graded coding exercises are mapped to Pearson’s Introduction to Programming textbooks by industry-leading authors. The exercises help students master programming fundamentals (syntax, flow of control), allowing instructors to focus on higher-level concepts (problem solving).

    • Updated - VideoNotes provide step-by-step video tutorials specifically designed to enhance the programming concepts so  students can view the entire problem-solving process outside of the classroom—when they need help the most.

  • Empower each learner: Each student learns at a different pace. Personalized learning pinpoints the precise areas where each student needs practice, giving all students the support they need–when and where they need it–to be successful.

    • The error-specific messages include both the feedback from the compiler and plain English interpretations of likely causes for the student’s incorrect answer. Feedback for many exercises includes test case tables that show a student’s output against expected output.

  • Teach your course your way: Your course is unique. So whether you’d like to build your own assignments, teach multiple sections, or set prerequisites, MyLab gives you the flexibility to easily create your course to fit your needs.

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