Features and Benefits

Medical Law and Ethics is a complete, accessible, and up-to-date guide to the law and ethics of healthcare.

  • Make medical law and ethics accessible to virtually any student in any healthcare program. Exceptionally clear, user-friendly, and readable, Medical Law and Ethics is the text of choice for students with a wide range of backgrounds and educational goals.

  • Help students understand the real-world complexities associated with medical law and ethics. Practicing healthcare professionals should know the legal requirements in their own jurisdictions. Detailed, realistic coverage of ethical principles includes the need to balance principles and resolve possible conflicts among them.
  • Guide students in avoiding ethical and legal mistakes that could destroy their careers and hurt their patients. Comprehensive coverage of the legal system includes essential vocabulary and clear guidance on the differences between legal and illegal actions.
  • Give students the broad context they need to operate legally and ethically. Clear explanations of the healthcare environment include the roles of physician and other healthcare professionals.