Table of Contents

Part I: Learning to Succeed in College
1. Becoming a Chef versus Learning to Cook
2. The Degree versus the Learning
3. Getting Straight A’s: The Skills and Qualities You’ll Need to Thrive in School
4. Studying Techniques
5. Making Use of Faculty and Asking Questions
6. Books, Videos, the Library, and the Internet
7. Ethics and Cheating
8. Professionalism and Image Making
9. A Note on Work-Life Balance and Wasted Time

Part II: Maximizing Your Marketability
10. The Risks and Benefits of Moving Beyond the School Walls Before Graduation
11. What the Industry Expects You to Know and to Do
12. Volunteering at School and in the Community
13. On-the-Job Experience: Working While in School and Choosing the Right Job
14. Behaviors That Promote Health and Education
15. No One Succeeds Alone: Networking and Professional Associations

Part III: You’re Graduating: Now What?
16. Choosing the Right Career Track: Experience versus Money
17. Making Use of the Support Staff at the School
18. Résumé Writing
19. Interviewing Skills
20. The Basic Steps to Getting Promoted
21. Getting Certified
22. Lifelong Learning: Research, Travel, Stages, and Higher Degrees