College and Career Readiness

The High Cost of College Remediation

College enrollments in remedial courses continue to rise, costing students and colleges money and time for classes that do not earn college credit. At the same time, many industry leaders find that skills such as critical thinking and problem solving are lacking in new graduates. What can we do to better prepare students for what life brings them after graduation?

Pearson’s line of College and Career Readiness Math courses helps fill critical skills gaps. No matter your teaching style or classroom environment, we have a program to support you and your students.


Fill Critical Skill Gaps Now


Lots of Exercises!

Elayn Martin-Gay ©2017 (6th Edition)

Build on your students’ foundation of Algebra 1 and 2 with this second chance to master the concepts and be ready for college. With ample exercises and examples, the course includes a massive video library to help students be successful.


Group Activities Based on Real-World Applications

The Consortium for Foundation Mathematics ©2016 (1st Edition)

Solidify the concepts learned in Algebra 1 and 2 by putting students in real-world scenarios. This course has your students work through group projects as a second-look approach to math concepts needed to be successful in College and Career.


Mathematics for the Liberal Arts

Blitzer ©2019 (7th Edition)

Show students that their world is profoundly mathematical. Take students through a wide range of topics including number theory, personal finance, voting, and stats. Ideal for non-math majors who are college-bound or preparing for a career path.


Self-Paced Learning Online


Let your students work on the concepts they need, when they need it, and how they want … online. Built within MyMathLab and based on the successful SAILS program in Tennessee, this online course prepares students to be successful in a college math course. Available as a fully digital product or with the optional Notebook for College and Career Readiness.


Digital Options

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Whether you are looking for digital support for your blended classroom, or a 100% digital solution, MyMathLab for School is the world’s leading online tutorial and assessment program for teaching and learning mathematics. Built around Pearson’s best-selling content, MyMathLab for School courses provide you with:

  • Personalized and adaptive learning
  • Interactive practice with immediate feedback
  • Flexible course designs to fit your course needs
  • Comprehensive gradebook with enhanced reporting
  • Complete eText, accessible anywhere with the Pearson eText app

Savvas Learning Company is the official distributor for Pearson in offering effective, hands-on content in AP, Honors, and Electives programs to K-12 schools and districts.

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