myWorld Social Studies: 
Social Studies Curriculum for Grades K-5

People have always used stories to teach and to remember. Welcome to myWorld Social Studies for Grades K-5. Learning comes alive through storytelling, literacy instruction, and flexible resources. Stories from our world engage students and help develop thoughtful, literate citizens. Lessons apply inquiry processes, practice reading and writing, and involve collaboration and communication skills. Blended learning experiences include an interactive Student Worktext and digital courseware. Share the story of our democratic ideals, communities, and people!


Read, Write, and Explore Every Day

Reading, writing, and storytelling bring social studies content to life. Connect social studies content and literacy instruction every day and every minute.

With myWorld Social Studies, students will:

  • Read and Write During Every Lesson
  • Practice Active Reading
  • Build Academic Vocabulary
  • Write for an Audience
  • Carry Social Studies Across Disciplines

myWorld Social Studies read/write collage


Interactive Learning

Engage Students with Interactive Learning

Songs and videos, digital eText, hands-on activities, and digital game-like practice make learning experiential. myWorld Social Studies motivates learners and connects them to the real world.

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Make the Curriculum
Work for You

Flexible resources help teachers differentiate instruction, manage instruction, and customize assessments. Upload content, rearrange it, add links, and access the entire program on Savvas Realize.

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myWorld Social Studies logo Spanish

Looking for Spanish Resources?

mi Mundo Estudios Sociales gives Spanish-speaking students access to the same content as their English-speaking peers. The Student Work text is available in Spanish and English, in print and online.


Discipline: Social Studies

Copyright: 2013

Grade(s): K - 5

Program Type: Core

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Device: Tablet, Computer

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS

Funding Sources: SSAE Grant, ESSER

myWorld Social Studies

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